The forest of Rambouillet, enchanting and captivating


The green lung of Yvelines

The Rambouillet forest is a veritable jewel of greenery in the Île-de-France region, with some 14,000 hectares of varied flora, 40 km south-west of Paris. The forest is mainly made up of oak and pine trees, and the ecological challenges are considerable: several biological reserves now ensure its sustainable management. You'll pass through marshy areas with ponds and peat bogs, and then come across dry plains and meadows that contrast strikingly with the former. The largest forest in the Yvelines will delight visitors of all ages, whether on a stopover in the Paris region or a day out of the capital.

Nature at its best at the Auberge du Château de Dampierre-en-Yvelines

The Rambouillet national forest is a delight for cyclists, hikers and horse riders, with its miles of breathtaking trails. Just a few minutes from the Château de Dampierre hostel, it is a surprising playground for a getaway in the Yvelines. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted by the differences in altitude encountered along the various routes. Take the path around the forest, or the one along the

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